Friday, October 15, 2010

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 04/24/84 London

Electric Ballroom, London, United Kingdom
April 12th, 1984

DISC #1/#1 (23:51)
01) I Put a Spell On You
02) Well Of Misery
03) Mutiny In Heaven
04) In the Ghetto

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* This band played under the name, "Nick Cave and the Cavemen"
* Originally posted on DIME as part of the "Stolen Files" series.

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I haven't paused to think about Cave in what seems like decades. A friend of mine had the Grinderman vinyl and I remember thinking I should give it some more attention...Continuing with just what comes to mind watching this...I also remember picking up a Cave disc at the public library where there was a lyric about a "Frappuccino"! - at some point in 50 years, you got to expect some filler, but cmon, buddy!!!! some people actually paid for that disc...

Coincidentally, at the library yesterday, I was browsing a Heylin book about punk that discussed Cave...Now Heylin's Bootleg is required reading by anyone- and I mean anyone- remotely interested in understanding Rock and Roll...His other efforts seem to evoke the same diligence, but there is not as much primary research in them. In Bootleg, there are labels and recordings being discussed that you simply aren't going to find out more about in hardcover--- find out more about without doing the legwork yourself- if you even can, because the stories have disappeared with the industry.  Just as important, the guy is reaching for conclusions that display an intelligence comparable to perhaps, say- Marcus, Reynolds, Bangs or Kent- trying to find a deeper relevance to rock music than mindless, kneejerk conformity fandom.

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. The Heylin punk book...In it, you read quotes from Cave talking about how Birthday Party gigs were fight with the audience style confrontations...Until the audience came expecting it, so it wasn't really a confrontation anymore. He also is quoted talking about his first trip to London where his expectations of being in a real Rock and Roll country were disappointed to find a bunch of raincoat bands staring at their feet. (echo bunnyman etc.) Well, Nick...looking at the iconic wings of desire footage I'd conclude that sometimes, as a performer, you have to give the audience what it wants...eventually, the goth scene forced its reflection upon Cave as well.  Of course, he adopted a lot of earlier influences, abandoned the confessional persona for storytelling theater and avoided a lot of the cliches.

For this particular show... FROMTHEARCHIVES.COM says: " Shambolic affair in which Nick often forgets the lyrics." Which just goes to`say that a lot of the birthday party style chaos is in effect here.

I was in a college radio station a few years later than this and had to absorb all of the Bad Seed LPs. From what I remember the mercy seat was the best of them...the title track and "up jumped the devil" are particularly inspired.

As for this particular footage, it is a performance that was broadcast on the Spanish Edad De Oro program..   The "Stolen Files" are discs devoted to performances on the Edad t.v show- not files documenting Cave's career...Here is some information about what remains of this program floating about on the internets...

LA EDAD DE ORO 1:"The Golden Age" Live music television from Madrid 1983 - 1985. Includes excellent live performances and interviews. On this disc in order of appearance: Lords Of The New Church, Killing Joke, Alan Vega, Johnny Thunders, Nick Cave & The Cavemen, Psychedelic Furs, John Cale & Lou Reed. Great quality. Runs 87 minutes.

LA EDAD DE ORO 2: "The Golden Age" Live music television from Madrid 1983 - 1985. Includes excellent live performances and interviews. On this disc in order of appearance: Residents, SPK, Lords Of The New Church, Aztec Camera, Tom Verlaine, The Sound, Psychic TV, Echo & The Bunnymen, Violent Femes, The Smiths & Spear Of Destiny. Great quality. Runs 98 minutes.