Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Arcade Fire 08/28/10 Reading

Arcade Fire
Reading Festival, Reading, Berkshire, UK.
28th August 2010

Broadcast 28th August 2010 by BBC three

BBC three is a digital only broadcaster

**Direct transport stream capture and authoring - No Re-encoding**

Video : PAL, 720 x 576, MPEG-2, 25fps, 4186kbps, Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Audio : MPEG-1 Audio Layer II, 256kbps 48Khz

DVB-T > Nebula DigiTV > VideoReDo > PVAStrumento demux > TMPGEnc
DVD format, BBC three logo, full menu and chapter selection by track.


01 Introduction
02 Ready to Start
03 Keep The Car Running
04 Laïka
05 No Cars Go
06 Haiti
07 Modern Man
08 Rococo
09 The Suburbs
10 Intervention
11 Crown of Love
12 Tunnels

13 Sprawl
14 We Used To Wait
15 Power Out
16 Rebellion (Lies)
17 Month of May
18 Wake Up

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Pulled down a torrent of this.  Headliners of the Reading and Leeds festival last month (sharing their top billling w/Blink 182 and Guns & Roses).  First off, gotta say that it's beautiful looking footage.  Those who shot this and those who rendered it into something that we can watch on our computers:Man! Really fine job guys!

I don't recognize anything in this lineage, so the links represent a complete nOOb trying to tackle yr signal flow:

Nebula DigiTV 
PVAStrumento demux 

Kind of surprising that such a glamourless band can get top billing at one of the world's biggest shows...But the festival's policy seems to be- top bill one band less than a decade old alongside two legacy acts....And, unlike the 70's, 80's and 90's, where a well placed TV appearance could catapult a band to fame, a rock band really has to slog it out these days...And, keep reminding yourself, this band's latest album was released to first week sales of 156,000 and the #1 spot in the Billboard 2000...They made their way there social networking site after social networking site after social networking site.  Festival after festival after festival.  So many festivals these days.  People are wanting them more, I suppose.  And also, technology makes the logistics of herding all these people so much easier everyday. Some more of my rambling about the hundred thousand people festival HERE

As far as a review of the music goes, I have to confess I listened to about a quarter of it before tossing it in the bin.  If you, like me, have gone this long avoiding Pitchfork and the Arcade Fire, this video isn't going to turn you over.  I do remember thinking that it all might be more interesting if you could actually hear the accordion and the bowed instruments that the ladies play with such animation.  The most energetic song was "Power Out" which they really flash the lighting rig and streak some pixels across the Jumbotron (yeah, I know, but if you are so smart, what is it? a Barco?)

Speaking of Pitchfork, the site is leading the way forward into the future of the "dead rock image" :They now can deliver to you- POV: synchronized multiple streams of camera angles- one for each musician... so you can choose when to watch your favorite bandmember from the comfort of your virtual fandom.  No, I have not examined this yet.  Their inaugural concert was Broken Social Scene.  And I'm still trying to recover from the excitement of the Arcade Fire

((Hey Internet dorkdom, don't get so offended...and Hey----- Attention young white girls with rich parents: I really like these bands, honest...)

Cheap Trick 08/30/1979 Köln

Just back from a little bit of a break where I was rearranging my manias. The purpose of this blog and my interest in death, the law. video, and rock and roll is all up for debate. I will say that 1500 people have clicked across these pages. I've started to title the screen shots with the band names, so perhaps that will attract some more voices to the discussion.
I've very little to say about Cheap Trick. The definitive video bootleg of them is, of course, the Budokan show.  A version of which I have somewhere- along with 30 or so other Cheap Trick concert videos. And I don't even particularly care for Cheap Trick.  You see, in the era of disc collecting, you would get copies of whatever you could knowing that sometime along your collecting it would help you trade for something that you wanted to s see Now it is all torrents and harddrive space...Saving what you really want to see in the fear that one day, someone will stop seeding that special file that you really need...But then you reach that critical mass of having more than you could ever view. A sudden moment of stillness.

Nothing to say about Cheap Trick, but I do have to give a shout out to Rockpalast...Was it the greatest rock TV program of all time? It's certainly outlasted all the contenders. And never pandered to the lip synch crowd...When I see that a trader is offering up a Rockpalast show, I know it's going to be well filmed, that the band will be giving it a real effort. HERE is a list of every group that has been broadcast live on the program.

I also want to take the time to thank all of the people who have maintained the database over the years.  Even though Web 2.0 is really making the damn thing look rather rickety. Even though I can't see spending a weekend burning dvds and making multiple trips to the post office- there is still a lot of information there that is going to be missed when the developers finally decide to pull the plug.  Hours of happiness and knowledge came down that pipe.  Big respect...