Monday, December 28, 2009

Turbonegro 05/29/2005 Birmingham

Mom and I watched this on Xmas day together- this cock rocking performace of God's favorite rock and roll band: Turbonegro. I know that Jesus loves the Negro because I got this disc from Bishop O'Leery right after midnight mass, he patted me on the ass and squeezed my hand a little when I reached out to take the DVD. Boy, was I excited.

What's really exciting is that I couldn't find a post of this on you tube. Whereas everything else I've reviewed you pretty much could just as well look at it yourself why-the-fuck-you-care what I got to say, this is a performance of Hank & the boys you're gonna have to find somewhere else or rely on me to tell you how good it is. So here goes:

Vid is a single camera audience at a fair distance from the action. The captures above right are as close as the zoom ever gets and that picture where you can hardly make anything out shows you the scene from the distance of the shooter. It's a little bit dark when the lights are blue or green and sometimes a little shaky...about 3/4 of the time there's something easy to watch. Whatever camera is in use here has got a very sharp resolution. Sound is average...a lot of hall reverb but fairly good balance of instruments and no distortion...

I could go on and tell you how Turbonegro is destined to become the biggest band on the "I Got Erection" is my ring my sweat soaked denim dreams involve sailing the high seas with Happy Tom and Euroboy. I could tell you all that but... fuck, it's getting hot behind the keyboard and I've gone more than a few hours without some barefisted buggery...And so if you'll excuse me, I've got a Boy Scout meeting to get to...

All My Friends Are Dead
Back To Dungaree High
Sell Your Body (To The Night)
Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker
Blow Me (Like The Wind)
Selfdestructo Bust
City Of Satan
Get It On
Wasted Again
Fuck The World (F.T.W.)
Age Of Pamparius
Prince Of The Rodeo
I Got Erection

Filmed by Mickie Rockchick & P.J.Peanutz.
Audio: Codec MPEG-1 Layer 2 Bitrate 256 CBR
Video: Codec MPEG2 Resolution 720 x 576 Framerate 25.000 Bitrate 4379 Format PAL Aspect 4.3

Friday, December 11, 2009

Prince and The Revolution 08/03/1983 Minneapolis

Benefit Show for Minnesota Dance Theater - First Avenue, Minneapolis. Putting this in into context: "When Doves Cry" was the #1 single in the US for five weeks, from July 7, 1984 to August 4, 1984... Six days earlier, July 27, 1984 was the release date for the Purple Rain movie. During Prince 's next tour, in November of 1984, the band was doing three to five night runs in north american arenas:

1. Let's Go Crazy
2. When You Were Mine
3. A Case Of You
4. Computer Blue
5. Delirious
6. Electric Intercourse
7. Automatic
8. I Would Die 4 U
9. Baby I'm A Star
10. Little Red Corvette
11. Loyce Houlton Speech
12. Purple Rain
13. D.M.S.R.

# Prince: Lead vocals and guitar
# Wendy Melvoin: Guitar
# Brown Mark: Bass
# Matt Fink: Keyboards
# Lisa Coleman: Keyboards
# Bobby Z: Drums

3.36 GB....mpeg 2...720X480
snatched this description from the internet nether regions:
the classic First Avenue 1983 concert which spawned the Purple
Rain album versions of 'I Would Die 4 U', 'Baby I'm A Star' and of course
'Purple Rain'. The recording has been sourced from the circulating video
footage, and because of this the audio suffers from the same glitches the video
footage does. These are slight, very minor and affect only a small part of the
show. They are most obvious during the opening 'Let's Go Crazy, 'When You Were
Mine' and again during the intro to 'Purple Rain'. Sabotage have attempted some
repair work on the tracks, and have done a pretty decent job of patching up the
incomplete parts with a different source recording. As this is sourced from a
video recording it has a slightly gritty feel to it and is certainly not as
crisp and clear as one would like - that said it is an improvement over the
various other releases this show is circulating on and is undoubtedly the best
we have to date. The show has quite rightly earned itself legendary status for
reasons including the birth of many Purple Rain tracks and Wendy's live debut as
a member of The Revolution - however mention must also be given to the
performance which is inspired and amongst the best of Prince's career. Full
length live versions of tracks such as 'Computer Blue and 'Purple Rain' are
special enough however add to the mix the only live performance of the
unreleased 'Electric Intercourse' and it's quite impressive how many unique
moments are stuffed into the 65 minute concert. And I shan't even mention the
closing funk jam of 'D.M.S.R.'.
Here's what came to mind as I was watching this: first of all, it is pro shot multicamera for the house video...It was hard to get screenshots of anyone other than Prince. He's basically on screen for the duration of the whole show. Highlights include a very rocking "Computer Blue"...and fantastic spacey keyboards throbbing away at the ending to "Delirious"...The drums could have been miked louder...the picture could use some saturation and contrast...but it's all generally noise free. The disc can hold the interest of casual viewers for a few songs or so.

. I imagine you can't find this stuff in youtube because of Prince's well publicized antagonism to the network. I wonder if there's some lowly websurfing Google employee whose job description is whack-a-moling Prince videos.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sex Pistols 01/10/1978 Dallas 07/21/1977 Stockholm

One week after the Zeppelin show I just finished reviewing, the Sex Pistols took the stage in Stockholm. I'm not going to go any further than that. There are plenty enough books to tell you what it all means. The horse has been flogged to nothing but a stain in the road.

4.05 GB mpeg 2... 10800 kb/s vbr... 29.970 fps...NTSC... 720X480... DVD_LPCM_AUDIO

The disk I got has three things on it.
36:30 of Dallas 3:41 of "anarchy" from the So It Goes TV show(i think) and 20:16 of Stockholm. The quality of the footage is pretty good...Both shows are multi-camera with pretty much clean sound. There are upgrades of all of this, if you get this and want better...The Dallas has some occasional vhs farty tape rolling that came about in a generation loss. The European stuff is NTSC on my disc, so that tells you right there you can probably see this stuff a little more cleanly in boots from the original format. In fact, I have a whole disc of Tony Wilson doing a greatest moments retrospective TV special somewhere- pretty hazy memory but I think it's pretty sharp disc.
Strictly speaking, this Dallas show is not a bootleg. It's been released on VHS and DVD a couple of times over the years. The official Sex Pistols site mentions it as official product and offers a link to an amazon page. This DVD is, however, out of print- at least the region 2 north american version. Getting a new copy could set you back $100. While that's a little out of my price range, I would like to have a cleaner copy of this show. The quality of the you tube embedded below is a dozen times better than the disc that I possess.

Both of the shows are interesting to watch. The Stockholm is the better filmed of the two. The crowd is eager to get swept up into the phenomena and the camera operators run about the stage framing all the expressionistic camera angles that would become MTV ten years later. The colors are kind of fucked up. It took all my resolve to keep from photoshopping the screenshots to look better. The Dallas gig is sort of like watching a sporting event. You kind of only can see it once: all the while, you're wondering if the band is going attack the audience or the audience is going to attack the band. There's three cameras, but they are all cautious and distant.

The official fan site has a list of all the fifty or so shows that were done. I wonder exactly how many total minutes of Sex Pistols on camera there is prior to their split in 78? It can't equal more than a few hours. I've only seen bits of the many documentaries. Watching those with a paper and notepad would probably be the best way to get started answering it. For other full shows, there's Winterland, of course. Not much else seems to be traded. One of the heavyweight hoarders on tapetrader is the exclusive owner of three other gigs: 11/22/1976 Fagons,/07/15/1977 Beach Disco Halmstad, 12/11/1977 MAF Centrum Maasbree.

Came across THIS interesting bit of parasitism on the first google page for "Sex Pistols Dallas"...It's apparently some sort of aggregator of postings of concert videos-damn if people aren't working overtime trying to regurgitate content in order to funnel the surfers over ad links .