Thursday, March 1, 2012

thanks for playing

Every once and I while, I get tempted to post a few screenshots and say a few words, but there are only so few hours in the day. 
Today is the day that google officially starts to attribute each and every interaction with its network to a set of individually identified users.  I don't know all the fine details, nor do I care.  It's very rare that I think, life would sure be more convenient if advertisers knew how to behaviorally target me better.

  As far as the future us concerned,  one gets the feeling that all of this filesharing hysteria will seem pretty damn quaint one day. 

 In parting,
I hope that for you, like me, your rock and roll fandom helped to take your mind off things that you can't stand.  Furthermore, I hope that really trying to appreciate it as deeply as possible makes you a more competent person.  You learn more about computers or geography or history or anything...anything.  People who aren't obsessive about something are unreal in a way.  You focus on something, you see the contradictions, the complex reality behind the simple image