Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cheap Trick 08/30/1979 Köln

Just back from a little bit of a break where I was rearranging my manias. The purpose of this blog and my interest in death, the law. video, and rock and roll is all up for debate. I will say that 1500 people have clicked across these pages. I've started to title the screen shots with the band names, so perhaps that will attract some more voices to the discussion.
I've very little to say about Cheap Trick. The definitive video bootleg of them is, of course, the Budokan show.  A version of which I have somewhere- along with 30 or so other Cheap Trick concert videos. And I don't even particularly care for Cheap Trick.  You see, in the era of disc collecting, you would get copies of whatever you could knowing that sometime along your collecting it would help you trade for something that you wanted to s see Now it is all torrents and harddrive space...Saving what you really want to see in the fear that one day, someone will stop seeding that special file that you really need...But then you reach that critical mass of having more than you could ever view. A sudden moment of stillness.

Nothing to say about Cheap Trick, but I do have to give a shout out to Rockpalast...Was it the greatest rock TV program of all time? It's certainly outlasted all the contenders. And never pandered to the lip synch crowd...When I see that a trader is offering up a Rockpalast show, I know it's going to be well filmed, that the band will be giving it a real effort. HERE is a list of every group that has been broadcast live on the program.

I also want to take the time to thank all of the people who have maintained the database over the years.  Even though Web 2.0 is really making the damn thing look rather rickety. Even though I can't see spending a weekend burning dvds and making multiple trips to the post office- there is still a lot of information there that is going to be missed when the developers finally decide to pull the plug.  Hours of happiness and knowledge came down that pipe.  Big respect...

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