Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sixties Beat Freaks

I'm a dabbler when it comes to vid collecting.  I got this disc from one of those gray area dvdr b-movie sites.  I really have respect for people who are consumed by ultra rare Shock Cinema style movie collections, and I'd buy more from them if I wasn't so damn broke. If you turn yourself a walking encyclopedia with the planet's only viewable copies of obscure giallo...eurosleaze...made for TV schlock titles, you deserve some cash to get by: you're doing more for civilization than most people.

This disc I'm reviewing is a VCR edit of mid sixties lip sync weekly rock shows. The generation loss of these clips is, for me, kind of a atmospheric positive thing.  In a better life, you'd always be able to wander over to someone's pad and there would be projections of this going on their living room wall.  Aside from the Kinks, the Pretty Things, The Seeds, The Monks, Question Mark and the Mysterians, there are many also ran groups like The Boots and Smoke which, I can't front, I don't know anything about.  I'm sure there are fifty page interviews with them in Ugly Things.  But I can tell you that they are more amusing to watch than to listen to.

No doubt this kind of disc is irritating to hardcore sixties collector/historians, who would want chapter indexes dividing the performances and information about who each group is and what program they are appearing on.  But me, like I said, I'm just about this for the do it yourself ambiance.

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