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The Misfits Dearborn 01/07/1983 Boston 03/20/1983

I've got something to say...

This blog is absurd...There has to be some direct way to the hardcore rush of a thrill than all this rock video nonsense...In a few seconds, the species will be able to inhale computer particles directly into their brain, which will explode with the heat of a 1000 orgasms. In the meantime, how pathetic the universe is. I remember, (can anyone tell me what magazine?.) Kim Fowley in a New Orleans strip club telling us..."Fuck the Seeds, the Music Machine...et.al  all that nostalgia shit is for deadweights.  If you just got out of your mom's basement exactly right now, there's some band ripping it up just as good"  Which is exaggerated...but not much.  Down the road right now, there are a bunch of knuckleheads moshing the piss out of each other to the out of tune of loud guitars.  Doubtful, that band has quite the balance of the chops and the energy and the humor of the misfits, but it beats what you are doing exactly right now...

An audio/video recording of the horror punk band The Misfits. Recorded for the cable access TV program "Why Be Something You're Not". Filmed in a storage room at Group W Cable in Dearborn, Michigan on January 7, 1983.

This recording has not been officially released and only circulates as a bootleg.

01. Earth A.D.
02. Band Introductions
03. Interview With Glenn Danzig
04. I Turned Into A Martian
05. Skulls
06. Devilock
07. Queen Wasp
08. Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
09. Hate Breeders
10. Braineaters
11. Halloween
12. Bullet
13. Horror Business
14. We Are 138

The Misfits:
Glenn Danzig (Lead Vocals)
Jerry Only (Bass Guitar, Vocals)
Doyle (Lead Guitar)
Robo (Drums)
This blog is absurd.  In the future, which will be a sort of paradise. memories and desires, awareness, will be a movable feast software that can be downloaded onto genetically perfected human livestock...generation to generation.  In the meantime, there is a new sandwich from mCCdonalds, there is a buddy of mine telling me that seeing bad religion again, twenty years later, seemed like punching the timeclock deadend of inspiration...Meanwhile, there is the new html 5 video tag...which I feel like if I was more computer savvy and more imaginative, I would be more excited about.  please help me to be entertained.  Should I buy an Ipad?  Can the Devil see me right now?  Is there an internet in the afterlife?

20 Eyes
Wolfs Blood
All Hell Breaks Loose
Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
Devils Whorehouse
London Dungeon
Die Die My Darling
Violent World
Astro Zombies
Green Hell
I Turned Into A Martian
We Are 138
Nike A Go Go
Hate Breeders
Rise Above
Horror Business

The Dearborn footage has a much better image than the Boston.  But I played this for pretty strong fans and the mediocre quality of it made them lose their attention.  The sound is not that great.  I imagine there are some audio boots from around this time that have a lot more fidelity and are worth hearing.  Anybody with knowledge about that, give me a comment.  I've got some Bad Brains cdrs from around this time which are really hardcore....

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